Lizard Pest Control

lizard pest control

We usually see lizards crawling on the wall of our houses, building and factories. However, they are also considered as a pest but only due to their frightening presence. They don’t live inside and don’t infest the living area, but the thing is that no people want to see a lizard at their homes. They are reptile but they are not harmful as they seem to be. Lizards are generally attracted to insects especially ants and butterflies.

All Pest Control is here to help you in removing or shutting the entryways of lizards. We have high-quality pesticides that can even kill lizards. Spraying this top quality pesticide in a particular hideout of lizard will make you free from them. They can be found in windows, bathrooms, wires, tunnel s and all that. Our team will inspect the whole property to provide lizard control service in Delhi NCR and then identify the spots. It is also important to curtail shelters and access points of the lizard to get rid of them. However trapping, entry proofing, baiting and repelling can be performed according to the seriousness of the condition.