Mosquito Pest Control

Mosquto Control Services

There are approximately 3500 species of mosquitoes are present in the earth. They are dangerous for humans as they cause serious diseases like malaria, dengue, etc.

The female mosquitoes are real threats for human being and the worst thing about female mosquito is that she can give birth nearly 100-200 eggs during her adult age and a couple of mosquitoes can generate thousands of mosquitoes in a couple of weeks.

The life a male mosquito is nearly 5 to 7 days on the other hand female mosquito have life of 30 days.

There are several diseases that are caused by mosquitoes are Malaria, Yellow fever, Chikungunya, Dengue, Lymphatic filariasis, Tularemia, etc.

All Pest Control is giving a different method of Mosquito control service

Anti Larvae Service

The larvae of mosquito are the reason which is responsible for the growing population of mosquito. In our anti-larvae service, we make sure to destroy the larvae that might produce thousands of mosquitoes.

Indoor Residual Spray

Our skilled pest control experts sprinkle residual spray on those areas in which mosquitoes are lily to reside. The spray can skill mosquitoes and it will reduce the mosquito threat to the property owner.

Fogging Service

This is one of the effective mosquitoes eliminating service in which cold and thermal fogging by modernized fogging machines. Our expert team understands that evening hour is the most sensitive timing in which mosquitoes are more active. The objective of the fogging machine is to kill mosquitoes before it enters your house.